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We are located in the picturesque county of Devon in the west of England.
As a professional electronics engineer I became involved with the miniature world of Dolls house fairs some years ago. Having looked at the quality of miniature lighting effects (aka “flicker”) I was confident I could improve the realism and quality by using microprocessors (the brains !); the result, several hundred units now working across the world.

All our units are designed and assembled in the U.K
Since that time we have designed smaller flicker units using surface mount components (very small), which will now fit inside a fire grate etc. An even smaller flicker unit (8mm x 25mm) is now fitted to our exclusive illuminated valor paraffin heater.

Recently we have designed and are selling some new lighting effects, a welding simulator for scale garage or model railway layout, a lighthouse lamp simulator for building in your scale lighthouse and of course a miniature flicker unit.

By November 2018 we will have completed our new remote controlled lighting board, and in the coming months we will have more exclusive products for the
doll’s house and model railway enthusiasts.

Coming soon - a 16 channel independent flicker unit.

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