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remote control lighting unit

Manufacturer: mini-lights

Product Code: REMBSKPN25

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16 output remote conrolled lighting board.

A remote controlled lighting board for your Doll's House or railway layout.

Infra-red remote controlled 16 separate outputs - each one can switch up to 10 doll's house lamps. ( 4amps max load )

Using the latest microprocessor design and surface mount components to provide a reliable and up to date product.

Each output can be switch on and off, dimmed or flicker. All outputs can be switched on or off together.

Simple key operation  e.g. to switch output 6 on  -   press 6#

12-14 volts DC power required, protected by auto-fuse and overvoltage warning.

temperature safety warning / cutout

over/under voltage monitor & warning.

complete with remote & sensor.


Product contains proprietary software © Mini-lights 2019


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