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Switched  Model Railway lighting connector-12way

Solder connections for outputs

Mini-Lights Exclusive 

THE flexible wiring/distribution system.

Designed and made in Southwest England by us. Established 1978.

  • Slide switches for each outputs giving you individual control of your cicuits.
  • Easy to wire & use; Solder pads connections
  • Additional boards can be linked; making it suitable for all size of dolls house.
  • Automatic reset fuse; no hard to find fuses to replace when wiring faults happen.
  • Twin Red LED fault indicator, one for each  bank.
  • Professional quality board & components.
  • Connect to 12volts with a 2.1mm power plug or use wires into adjacent terminal block.
  • Handy 12v power ON indicator using miniature Green LED.


The unit is protected by two automatic fuses; fault will be indicated by a red LED. Turn off power, remove faulty wiring, the fuse will reset when power is re-applied.

Dimensions 100mm x 50mm

For use on 12volt systems only

Product Code: swt01-no con

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